Revs' XR280 - Page Under Construction.

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Engine, Intake, Exhaust:
  • Lightened Arias 280cc piston
  • Carillo Rod
  • Genuine HRC grind cam
  • Lightened Rockers
  • 36mm Mikuni flat slide owners specs
  • "Big Fin" Mod to head.
  • Head Ported by Dave Stuart
  • Titanium R&D Valve spring kit
  • Lightened Flywheel
  • K&N Air Filter (XR600 one)
  • Cobra Exhaust
    • Later replaced with FMF unit.
  • Dyno'ed at similar figures to current XR400's
Protective gear:
  • Barkbuster style handguards
  •  Regina Gold Chain

  • White Power Spring front & rear (at time of photo?)
  • Shock and forks revalved (by Dave Stuart)

Cosmetics / Plastics:
  • Modified standard handguards to suit Barkbusters


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