Rider / Bike Inventory
The following question was asked on the justxr.com mailing list:
Just want to know what others suggest for tools/bike supplies for day trips into remote areas. - David M.

Here's what the list came up with:

Following list submited by Brett Hawkes:

Bike Stuff
Rider Stuff
Allen wrenches
Cell phone
Bolt and nut assortment
Emergency cash
Chain tool and links
Energy Bars
Clutch and brake levers
First Aid Kit
Electrical tape / Duct Tape
Light Bulbs
Leatherman / Knife
Multi tool
Map/Compass or GPS
Plug wrench
Matches/Lighter (Waterproof container)
Safety wire
Pen and paper
Screwdriver Philips/standard combo
Rain Jacket
Spare tube
Space Blanket
Spark Plugs
Survey Tape (marking trails
Tire Irons
Toilet paper
Tire patch kit
Water/Camel Back
Tire pump

Tow strap
Pigs feet and Budweiser (Oops wrong list)
Vise grips or pliers


Wrench or socket set

Zip ties

Ron Hipkiss. Had to following to say:

I try to carry tools that will let me take the bike apart.  It's been too
many trips where if we only had the right tool, we could have fixed
something to get a bike running again, or at least rideable.  Some things
are obvious, but others aren't.  Can you loosen the axles to adjust the
chain?  How about the steering stem nut?  I've had to straighten a front end
once, and it was a bear trying to mickey-mouse that job.  Chain breaker,
tire irons, spark plug wrench are some of the specialty tools I carry.

As for parts, I carry safety wire, duct tape, spark plug, JB weld, first aid
kit, emergency blanket, map, compass food (power bar) and a water bag.

There's probably some stuff I'm forgetting, but others can fill in.

Brett Thomas added the following:

Here's my two cents worth,
I also carry spare cash, but have found that if I wait until I get ready to ride, I'm often without cash on hand, so here's what I do.
I bought one of those $2.00USD waterproof match containers at walmart (bright orange plastic).  In it I have about twenty dollars, along with a photo copy of my drivers license and my insurance card.  The cash has already come in handy on a couple of trips where everyone thought someone else had cash on them.
I zip tied the container to the frame, under my right side cover, this way I know it's always there in case I need it.

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