Roger Brown's XR600 tips
In response to numberous inquiries about additional mods to the excellent Baja Designs (619 481-3272) kit for the venerable XR600, the following summarizes the mods I've done to make the bike even better. My bike, by the way is a 93'XR600.

- Balance them ! The rim lock really throws off the balance while on the street.
- I'm using Pirelli MT 21's - they're DOT app'd (ie: legal) and have good dirt traction. The reinforced sidewalls and knobs aren't squirrely on the street, and they stick and wear well.
- Toss the stock ODO and drive, replace drive with XR's Only kit (619 948-0979) and install a mountainbike speedo eg: Vetta (light, accurate, and has functions for enduros) mount the magnet in the plastic hub cover and run the wire (will need to be extended) up your brake line. Fashon a pickup bracket from a piece of metal hose-clamped to the fork. Install disk cover (ie: Acerbis) to protect the speedo pickup (and to let everyone know your steed is first and foremost a dirt-bike).
- For gearing, I find a 45 rear along with a 13, 14 and 15 front gives a good ratio range for pure dirt, dual-purpose, or highway riding (I usually take the extra two along in my pack). To fit the 15, the case guard will need to be ground down a bit, but I suggest you do retain it.

- Remove exhaust header and grind down the bead of weld off of the inside of the manifold attachment flange. This will help improve flow.
- Cut down the front of the plastic lip on the intake opening to help compensate for the restriction from the battery. Re-route the wires to the FET and fashon a simple bracket to enable mounting on the vacant stock regulator mount. This gets it out of the way of the air intake.
- To finish opening up the breathing, use a Twin-air (or K&N only If theres not a lot of talc in your area) and install the Thumper Racing (800 259-5186) stealth exhaust insert on the back end.
- I'm at sea level and find a 65 pilot with the clip in the middle and air two turns out helps solve the lean stock setup, with improved starting and throttle response.
- Other engine mods incl. a magnetic drain plug (XR's Only), and Split-Fire plug.

- Swage cables from the frame to the clutch cable (above the case bracket), brake pedal and shifter. Reduce throttle spring tension by drilling hole in the throttle cam on carb and mount end of coil spring into it. Compensate for extra weight on steering with Aluminum bars. Install old XL clutch perch for left mirror mount. Cut down levers, mount bark busters and JB welded tab on brake lever in order to actuate front brake switch from XL650. (Baja will include front brake switch harness if req'd in your area)
- For security (only for on the street - everyone knows dirt-bikers aren't thieves) I removed the kill switch connection from the Baja master switch and re-installed the stock kill switch on right inside the throttle (no room on the left). In spite of a habit of hitting the horn everytime I want to kill the engine, it's still a good idea to retain this switch. I then tapped into the kill switch line under the tank and mounted a toggle switch using a bracket extending from the petcock mount. Its out of sight, and I've won lots of beer betting guys they can't start my bike within 5 minutes. I bought a helmet lock from Dennis Kirk (800 328-9280) and swaged a cable from the fanny pack to the lock to keep the tool bag secure. I also keep a padlock on it and run it through the rear sprocket to lock up the rear wheel when at the Mall.

Thats about it. I'm having way more fun with this bike than I had owning both a KDX200 and 900 Ninja. About the only things I still want to do are re-wire the stator so I can use a 50W bulb, and put lots of miles on the engine so it will wear, and I can thus justify a big-bore kit. I'd appreciate any comments of suggestions you might have. Any-one looking to go riding on Vancouver Island should give me a call .